Pivotal Fitness is family friendly gym in Greenville. Your kids are welcome in the KidZONE where they can take part in fitness activities designed just for kids. What is more, the lessons and classes in which you partake at Pivotal Fitness’ Greenville health club can also be taken home to benefit your family members. After learning more advanced training and positions in one of our ongoing group exercise yoga classes, you can tailor techniques to share with your kids.

Yoga breathing alone can help center your children and calm them in times of stress. Teaching your kids to focus and meditate is a great way to help them learn self-discipline and about how the mind and body interact. They can also learn about philosophy and compassion.

Yoga is also a wonderful way to introduce more physical activity into your child’s daily habits. Teaching him or her about exercise and nutrition is made easier when you sit down and explore yoga methodology as an easy example–and perform it by their side.

Bringing home your lessons is an excellent way for you to bond and spend time with your kids—while still practicing your hobby and doing something that you enjoy. If it’s something that they come to love, you can always bring them to the Kid’s Yoga Class offered in the KidsZONE.

Please note that Pivotal Fitness Greenville does not endorse that our adult yoga lessons are in any way intended for children; please use your own discretion when bringing home the many benefits of yoga. Please remember warming up and stretching are important best practices whenever you practice even the mildest forms of yoga, especially to set a good example for young kids.