Spinning classes are very popular here at Pivotal Fitness’ Greenville gym. And most people know that the phrase, which has been around for over two decades, refers to bicycling in place, indoors. But do you know the history and origin of spinning as an athletic activity?

In the mid-1980s, Jonathan Goldberg (or Johnny G) rigged up a stationary biking system that would allow him to safely complete cycling activities without combating outdoor obstacles such as weather and traffic. The most important part of his bike design involved replicating the training conditions of outdoor terrain and allowing for greater flexibility of workout than other indoor cycling options. When his invention and classes gained popularity, he began offering classes to others in Santa Monica.

In the mid-1990s, Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. secured rights to the term “spinning.” The company still officially owns the copyright on “Spinning,” “SPIN” and “Spinner.” They also manufacture the only trademarked “Spinning bikes” in conjunction with Star Trac, even though many companies also offer “spin bike” variations.

Today’s spin bikes are updated to offer a variety of settings to challenge experienced riders and accommodate all preferences. Gyms across the nation now offer spinning classes as standard parts of a comprehensive curriculum to work the core, calves, quads and outer thigh muscles.

Spinning classes are held daily at our local Greenville gym; they’re available for all levels (ranging from Level 1 Cycle to the advanced and longer-length SpinCamp), and they’re also available in combos, like our Cycle & Core course. Check our online schedule to learn what options are available and when.